Remote debugger not working in PyCharm 19.3

I have been having issues with Pycharm version 19.3.* when attempting to use remote debugger, but it works fine with PyCharm 19.2.*

This is the traceback. I'm not doing anything special, it happens when the debugger is trying to log messages:

File ".pycharm_helpers/pydev/_pydev_bundle/", line 612, in new_fork
File ".pycharm_helpers/pydev/_pydev_bundle/", line 74, in _on_forked_process
File ".pycharm_helpers/pydev/", line 1867, in settrace_forked
File ".pycharm_helpers/pydev/", line 1631, in settrace
File ".pycharm_helpers/pydev/", line 1711, in _locked_settrace
File ".pycharm_helpers/pydev/", line 492, in enable_tracing
File ".pycharm_helpers/pydev/", line 155, in set_trace_to_threads
lib = load_python_helper_lib()
File ".pycharm_helpers/pydev/", line 136, in load_python_helper_lib'Unable to set trace to all threads in platform: %s', sys.platform)


it looks like was modified but files like pydev_log and wasnt.

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