Can I speed-up / increase the frequency of spelling checks?


Dear IntelliJ-Team,

it's awesome that I can use TeXiFy to create latex-files with my most favorite IDE.

However, is there any chance to speedup / increase the frequency of spelling checks? Sometimes it takes up to 5 seconds, until IntelliJ recognizes a typo has been made or corrected.

For java programs, that's good enough and there is a higher priority on compilation errors. However, for latex files, I am more worried about typos. Unfortunately, it doesn't help to simply disable all other inspections.

Is it somehow possible to define priorities / inspection frequency manually on project level? Actually, it would be great if IntelliJ automatically shifts inspection priorities for each file-type...



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TeXiFy is a third party plugin. Please file an issue in the vendor's issues tracker.

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Did that already but got the answer that they are using the built-in spelling check:
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>  I might have to run a profiler.

He's right about that. 


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