Better output in project sync tool window?


I'm trying to get more useful status information out of the sync tool window but it only seems to display the onTaskOutput text in a plain list of items. I was hoping to see more of a tree setup from the onStatusChange (start/status/progress/finish) events I'm creating. But it doesn't seem to display any of that in the build/sync tool window. It does let me provide progress updates for parts of the sync that have known progress information but thats about it.


How can I get the sync output display a tree of items where i can update an existing item so it doesn't just add hundreds or thousands of lines?

So like during import I have several distinct stages, and sub stages in those stages. Like scanning for build files, loading and processing those files, then combining that info into groups/artifacts and then creating modules, and extrating some archive files to see the embedded jar files for some prebuilt libraries, etc. I'd like to display that all in a custom tree with progress displayed in the sync output without overloading the tool window output with many thousands of lines of info that isn't needed past the particular sub stage.



Hi Thomas!

It should be possible to report interim sync process steps via `ExternalSystemTaskNotificationListener#onStatusChange`.

E.g. you can use `ExternalSystemTaskExecutionEvent` with `ExternalSystemStartEvent` to indicate starting a new interim step and `ExternalSystemFinishEvent` will indicate the end of the step.

Please, make sure you assign the correct `eventId` and `parentEventId` for your events to have it properly displayed at the Build tool window.

Also, by default the successfully finished steps are not displayed, try to enable `Show Successful Steps` filter.


When was that feature for showing successful steps introduced? I've currently had to stick to developing with an older version of intellij due to various changes in newer versions of the ide. This is a rather large complex plugin and the two times I tried to update caused a lot of problems. I'll eventually go back and update, but for now i'm stuck on 2018.3.x.


I have been using ExternalSystemTaskExecutionEvent and ExternalSystemStartEvent, and to update progress, ExternalSystemStatusEventImpl.


None of them seem to display in the sync event window while the sync is going on. Things do display as expected in the status tray area afaict.


Only onTaskOutput seems to display anything in the sync window.


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