Execute testsuite (Resolved)

I would like to run multiple tests using the phpunit.xml "testsuite" tag.

For example inside my phpunit.xml file I have this:

<testsuite name="Websocket">
<directory suffix="Test.php">./tests/Feature/Websocket</directory>
<directory suffix="Test.php">./tests/Unit/Websocket</directory>

I know with phpunit I can run this command:

$ phpunit --configuration config.xml --testsuite Websocket

but I would like to integrate that on PHPStorm.

If I go to "Run -> Edit Configurations" I can create single test by class, directory or method but I'm not able to force PHPStorm to run that specific testsuite.

How can I set the testsuite?


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I have find a solution.

I should use the "Test Runner Options" in the " Edit Configurations" panel:



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