Keyboard Shortcut To Navigate To Next Line Inside Quotes Possible?

Is it possible to use a keyboard shortcut to navigate to the next line in the same relative position to where the caret is in the current line?

For example, if my caret is positioned at the end before the closing double-quote for a class attribute, I'd like to be able to press a keyboard shortcut to automatically navigate / jump to the next line with the caret in the same position - at the end right before the double-quote.

Does such a shortcut exist already?

The internal logic would be:

  1. If user presses the shortcut
  2. Get the attribute they are currently writing (class in this case)
  3. Check next line for same attribute (class in this case)
  4. Move caret to same intuitive position (further logic)
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No, I don't think there's such shortcut.

Please feel free to submit a feature request to our issue tracker at , and let us know if you require any help.


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