Cloud Firestore Security Rules needs syntax highlighing

I'm working on a project that uses Firebase Cloud Firestore as its data back-end.

The work on the Security Rules file has now come to a stage where I simply cannot edit it in WebStorm, due to lack of syntax highlight.

There is an issue about this, since 2 years back - only 27 votes.

I'm trying to find other IntelliJ customers hurt by this, or alternatively someone used to making syntax highlighting plugins for IntelliJ IDEs. 

My work-arounds are either to use the Firebase online editor, and copy-paste the changes back-forth to the local file (sucks), or the Visual Code IDE which has highlighting but I'm otherwise unaccustomed to work with.


As you can see from the number of votes, there is no much demand for this feature... Can be a good candidate for a custom plugin



How do you manage the tickets, in such a case? That one is open since a while and shows only lack of action.

Do we have some instructions about how custom plugins are created? Such a link would be appropriate within that ticket, to make it more proactive.


we normally take our customers’ feedback and votes into account  and discuss the feature implementation (requirements and timeline) right in the issue. Normally, the most popular requests are implemented. The time of delivery depends on the complexity and other plans that we have for the upcoming versions

>Do we have some instructions about how custom plugins are created? Such a link would be appropriate within that ticket, to make it more proactive.


sure, please see

Feel free to ask questions at Note also that you can check opensource plugins available at



One more thing: would it be possible to have the title of the mentioned Youtrack issue edited, to match the real branding of the products. See my comment there: 

>There is no "Firebase Firestorage" product. There are Firebase Cloud Firestore (a database) and Cloud Storage (a bucket service), both of which use Security Rules. With a strange title, we don't know if the votes count is trustworthy or not...

I presume your employees can edit such information?


I would also like this feature... Visual Studio has it ...

Its sad for JetBrains if a free product provides the feature but their paid software do NOT have that option.


Nayan I bet you went and voted in the YouTrack issue? It's got 31 votes now. 

I think that's the only way that we can convince JetBrains. To add some - say two zeros - to that figure? Each +1 matters.


Sure Asko, I did that. But I think JetBrains will provide support to Firestore only when Firestore gets popularity which is a shame... I am considering giving VS Code a try... I have always use JetBrains product up till now but I have to use Firestore as a database.


Thanks for the vote, Nayan I am not overly concerned about this minor inconvenience. 

For anyone wanting to proceed this / looking for first aid:

- 🚑 I got a decent syntax highlighting just by editing the IntelliJ configuration. That's a start (ask me about it akauppi-gmail).

- Firestore is popular, or will become

- Ideally, we just make this as an open source effort. Anyone willing to do that - I can sponsor with some money (let's say 50 eur) and testing time


Hello, everyone

I have been working on that and this is the result:

I built a plugin for firebase, let me know if you find an issue. Please create a issue on github project page.


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