How to turn off ALL syntax highlighting for a single file?

Whenever I make a file called notes.txt the highlighting is super annoying and not correct.


How do I turn off *all* syntax highlighting for one specific file?


Note, the text should look light gray and show *NO* highlighting?


I think this should be as easy as right-clicking on the file and selecting "Turn off syntax highlighting"


Is there a method for this?

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What file type is recognized for notes.txt? You can check it by the file icon. 

Check your file type settings and make sure *.txt pattern is set for Text file type. This can be changed without your notice by custom plugins, e.g. the Requirements plugin did this to me once.

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Maybe you can make sense of this...

I think this picture shows you all you need to know.

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Andy i am not sure why there is *any* syntax highlighting on *any* .txt files


How do I turn it off?



Assuming I had one .py file that I *DID not want* syntax highlighting on for some reason, how would I turn it off for just that file?

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Well, as your screenshot shows, *.txt falls under requirements.txt pattern.

You can disable requirements plugin if you don't need it


Change file type settings according to my screenshots.

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>Assuming I had one .py file that I *DID not want* syntax highlighting on for some reason, how would I turn it off for just that file?

Sorry, I haven't found a way to do that. You can setup your specific file, e.g. "" as text file type, while leaving the rest of *.py as python. But this still leaves some syntax highlighting. However I don't see why anyone would want that. You can just rename it to

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Thanks - fixing that wildcard for the plugin helped.


As for the syntax highlighting, there are several reason (sometimes it is just annoying).


Not being able to turn it off (it is a feature, right? not a requirement) without navigating through file types is kind of a limitation.

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Thanks Andrey Resler your clue did the trick: the icon next to the file name matches the icon in Settings | Editor | File Types | Recognized File Types. That helped me find the overeager `*.txt` under the Requirements language | File name patterns and remove it.

My text files had suddenly turned orange after moving to a new computer.


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