Issues configuring a dependency for a 3-rd party plugin (Scala)


might be related to this

the configuration of the plugin, that depends on Scala as a 3-rd party. whenever I use config-file="plugin.xml", then the plugin fails on gradle "verifyPlugin" task with StackOverFlowError:

Cause: java.lang.StackOverflowError
at java.xml/jdk.xml.internal.SecuritySupport.getSystemProperty(
at java.xml/
at java.xml/
at java.xml/<init>(
at java.xml/<init>(
at java.xml/<init>(
at java.xml/<init>(
at java.xml/<init>(
at java.xml/<init>(
at java.xml/<init>(
at java.xml/$JAXPSAXParser.<init>(
at java.xml/<init>(
at java.xml/
at org.jdom2.input.sax.XMLReaders.createXMLReader(
at org.jdom2.input.SAXBuilder.createParser(
at org.jdom2.input.SAXBuilder.buildEngine(
at org.jdom2.input.SAXBuilder.getEngine(
at com.jetbrains.plugin.structure.intellij.utils.JDOMUtil.loadDocument(
at com.jetbrains.plugin.structure.intellij.plugin.IdePluginManager.loadPluginInfoFromJarFile(
at com.jetbrains.plugin.structure.intellij.plugin.IdePluginManager.loadPluginInfoFromLibDirectory(
at com.jetbrains.plugin.structure.intellij.plugin.IdePluginManager.loadPluginInfoFromDir(
at com.jetbrains.plugin.structure.intellij.plugin.IdePluginManager.loadPluginInfoFromJarOrDirectory(
at com.jetbrains.plugin.structure.intellij.plugin.IdePluginManager.resolveOptionalConfigurationFile(


on the other hand, if I use: a). random name, b). some existing name of .xml configurations from the Scala plugin (say config-file="scala-plugin-common.xml"), then I soon receive an email from JetBrains that there is a configuration defect (more details here).

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Why do you set the config-file value as a reference to the external plugin's XML file?

<depends optional="true" config-file="scala.scala-impl.resources.META-INF.plugin.xml">org.intellij.scala</depends>

It is supposed to be set to your local XML file, like with-scala.xml.

Please review the Optional Plugin Dependencies section in our docs.


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