How to let JSON content wrap inside the field when editing in the database pane?

I connected a Postgres database to my PHPStorm project. One of the database columns is of data type JSON. The JSON content in the field is substantial, length can vary from 200 to 3000 characters.

When editing the field, it's currently on a single line, with horizontal scrolling available. Editing works, but it would be a lot more convenient if the JSON content would wrap inside the maximized edit field.

Is there a way to achieve that the JSON content wraps inside the field when editing?

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It should be wrapped in maximized view, as described here:

If that's not what you're seeing - please attach a screenshot that would illustrate that.


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Hi Dimitri

Thanks for your quick response! After reading Michael Kubert's article and some related posts, I tried Code, Reformat Code. This beautifies the JSON content, but upon closing it leaves formatting characters in the edit field. The latter is not desirable.

See attached screen shots.



Double click puts the field in edit mode, yet it shows horizontally as a long string.


Edit Maximized just makes the field larger.


Running Code, Reformat Code makes editing convenient.


Yet, after completing the edit, the formatting characters remain embedded in the field content.



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