AppCode 2019.3 and newer EAPs no incorporating changes to linked libaries in a CMake project


I've been using AppCode with a CMake-generated Xcode project. I've been unable to upgrade past 2019.3, which seems to skip over building / copying linked libraries with TARGET_LINK_LIBRARY. This didn't happen in 2019.2, nor do I have this problem  if I simply build the same project with XCode (11.4, but diagnoses has been the same since 10.3)

Strangely, if I make a blatantly wrong change, the code won't compile, but if I make a valid change e.g., a simple printf to see if my changes were made, it compiles and runs as if my change never existed. I checked the build output .a files and their timestamps are indeed updated each time I build, but my changes never seem reflected in the result UNLESS I change the libraries CMakeLists.text to use TARGET_SOURCES ( PUBLIC ...) instead of TARGET_SOURCES (PRIVATE ...), which makes no sense...

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