How can I import code coverage in Pycharm executed on a different machine?

My goal is to import results that run in a non PyCharm process into PyCharm in order to use all of the coverage editor features that come with PyCharm.

I'm using PyCharm Professional Edition so I do have access to the coverage feature.

I have python code that cannot be run directly in PyCharm since it needs to be run from within a database server  process (PL/Python in Postgres if anyone is curious).

I'm using the coverage package within the database process to produce a json report but I can also export the format in any way that supports.

According to the documentation of Managing сode сoverage suites there should be a way to "Upload... a coverage suite." The directions say to "Click the Add button and select the necessary .es file in the dialog that opens."

What type of format is the ".es" file? Can export into that format directly? Or does that have something to do with "build servers"? I couldn't find anything on google related to .es files + and the only relevant result from searching PyCharm documentation for ".es" is the "Managing code coverage suites" page itself.

I tried importing the json report produced by but PyCharm wouldn't allow me to select it.

What else can I try in order to import my results into PyCharm?

Thanks for any help!

Link to stackoverflow:

Link to PyCharm bug report:

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