IntelliJ formatter settings


Dear JetBrains community,

I want to just ask that if we can generate default formatted settings of IntelliJ Idea Community edition from a script.

Please put a light on it.

Thank You.


What do you mean with "default formatted settings"? What is the output?


Sorry, it was bit cloudy question above.

I am now contributing to checkstyle community, which is a tool for static code analysis. 

Since IntelliJ is most popular javaIDE, it is very important to write checkstyle-configurations that matches default java formatting and inspection rules of IntelliJ.

I just want to know how can I extract all the default java formatter and inspection rule setting of IDE.

Because IntelliJ is progressive community, it is very much obvious that it can modify some of its code formatting abilities in future, I want to write some code that can automatically generate all the default codeStyles and inspection rules of IDE.


Any help is highly appreciated.



Code Style Settings as well as Inspection Settings can be exported to XML via Settings  dialog


Thankyou Yann, It is very helpful.


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