VisualStudio toolchain failed


First of all, very possible that problem is not in CLion but in some Windows OS settings, please advise.


WIndows 10, CLion: Latest EAP/Beta, VS2019 with latest Windows Kit.


how it looks like:

1. when I select and configure VS toolchain it looks that configured successfully and all system headers in the project (any, HelloWorld template is also the same) red highlighted, and can't be resolved.

2. when I configure project cmake console looks valid but when I try to build, build console is empty, no one line 


regarding point #1: each time when I open toolchain settings , I see a couple very quick terminal consoles, no chance to pause and analyze

but point #2 , I've investigated in details outside of clion. cmake.exe configuring works fine as expected, when I run native build tool : nmake.exe it also works fine - full detailed compile log in the console, however - if I run command "cmake --build ." simplified version of what clion does on build action, it starts cmake.exe but!!! cmake runs "nmake" in popup console! in separated session. obviously that when it happens from clion, clion can't read the output from the cmake, 

I also suppose that toolchain configuring has the same issue: vcvars.bat which configures the environment for clion , runs sub bat files (to configure windows kits, in child session and doesn't inherit the env with LIB and INCLUDE variables, and then can't resolve WinKit headers.


I'm not enough familiar with WIndows development , I just can suppose that there can be

  1. system property to forcely pops up child apps in separate session. 
  2. or MSVC configuration bat could do something for such behavior.

please advise how to suppress such behavior - starting child processes in separate console.


by the way - when I was investigating the issue, I was opening idea.log many times in clion, 

it looks oddly guys that native ideolog plugin shows me : "not recognized log format " for native idea.log file ) 


solved , can be closed

(but not completely, I'll ask in another topic) 


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