Can't configure my desired window layout in DataGrip


I'm normally an SQLYog user but I'm trying DataGrip to see how it compares.

So far I've spent fifteen minutes trying to replicate the window pane layout I'm used to from SQLYog, but I'm unable to do it.

I would like the database list (schemas) on the left and the query console / results pane being horizontally split on the right, as in the image below:

No matter what I do, DataGrip makes the results pane ("console output") span the entire bottom row, and doesn't let me move or resize the main query editor ("console") at all; I am only permitted to move the other panes around it.

In addition to that, I'd like to be able to switch from the "query results" view to a "table data" view in the same tab, like in SQLYog.

How can I replicate this in DataGrip please?



Hi! If I got you right, it shouldn't happen like this. Default DataGrip layout looks similar to yours with all resizable:


Maxim Sobolevskiy Thanks for getting back to me.

Yes, the layout is close to what I want, but I would like the schema list to span the entire left side column. My desired layout is like this:

Is this one possible, please?


It is now impossible, but the workaround can be using the window mode:

The result is:

But this is now very convenient because it is a separate window. 

Can I ask you to file an issue in our tracker?


Hello! I found the option you need!


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