"select other" configuration executable not debug/release aware.

I'm developing for STM32F429 with the CLion embedded plugin. I have a custom target setup in my CMakeLists.txt that produces a "glued" binary consisting of a bootloader and 2 x application images: Package-V0.X.bin. I have not found a way to make CMake aware that this is the custom target's output file (is there?)

I'd like to flash the STM32 with a standard "OpenOCD Download and Run" configuration. Luckily, I can select "select other" for a configuration's executable and point this to the Package-V0.X.bin file. However, this configuration is not aware of Debug / Release configs, it's just a fixed path. I haven't found where this string is stored, maybe it is possible to edit this string somewhere and include a macro in the path?


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