PyCharm modifies shared Run/Debug Configuration

Hi there, my colleague shared one of his Run/Debug Configuration through git. It created a file: .idea\runConfigurations\myRun.xml

That file sets up a new Run/Debug Configuration in my PyCharm nicely. But the problem is my PyCharm keeps modifying this file to a different format. 

Now every time I need to commit something, I have to reset myRun.xml to its remote version. Is there a way to stop my PyCharm modifying that file?

Here's the diff output form git

--- a/.idea/runConfigurations/myRun.xml
+++ b/.idea/runConfigurations/myRun.xml
@@ -1,7 +1,7 @@
<component name="ProjectRunConfigurationManager">
- <configuration default="false" name="myRun" type="CompoundRunConfigurationType">
- <toRun name="myBackend" type="Python.DjangoServer" />
- <toRun name="Frontend Development Server" type="js.build_tools.npm" />
+ <configuration default="false" name="Run Both" type="CompoundRunConfigurationType" factoryName="Compound Run Configuration">
+ <toRun type="Python.DjangoServer" name="myBackend" />
+ <toRun type="js.build_tools.npm" name="Frontend Development Server" />
<method v="2" />

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