PluginClassLoader ClassNotFoundException


I'm new to creating a plugin in intelliJ and was developing my first plugin.

Getting this strange error:

Caused by: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: MyAction PluginClassLoader[org.example.MyPlugin, 1.0-SNAPSHOT]

Can anyone help with the issue?

Here's a screenshot of my project. The java directory contains MyAction.kt

Here's my build.gradle:

Let me know what am I doing wrong.

Thanks :)


You might want to add Kotlin as a dependency. I don't see Kotlin dependency added, but MyAction is a Kotlin file. Just to confirm if this is the issue, try turning MyAction to a java file and see if you resolve your error. 



Hey Henry Peterson Thanks for the reply.

Yes, that was the problem indeed. I hadn't included the dependency for Kotlin. Works now!


Also, there's another question that I'd like to mention. I want to make a CURL request via the plugin and display the response in the IDE's terminal. Is there any way to do so? 

I'm able to make the CURL request (using Runtime.getInstance().exec()), but not able to show the response.



How did you add Kotlin as a dependency?


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