2020.1 RC1 reveals that my plugin has an unexpected dependency on Java Code Coverage


Many moons ago I was involved in the following thread about adding code coverage support to my plugin:


Anna Kozlova provided wonderful guidance, and aside from having to fix my own bugs over time, it has worked wonderfully based on her guidance in that thread.

Over the past few weeks I've been updating my plugin for the upcoming 2020.1 release. That's also gone quite smoothly overall, but I noticed something odd in 2020.1 RC1. It seems that my plugin has an unexpected dependency on the Java Code Coverage plugin. It's always had a dependency on the Coverage plugin, so I was thinking it was just a naming change, but Yann Cebron pointed out that my plugin's implementation of runConfigurationExtension is what creates this dependency. That part of the implementation was added based on the following specific interaction:


Of course now I'd like to remove any hard dependency on Java-specific items, but I'm not sure how to do so while retaining the same functionality. Yann suggested I create a new thread, so here it is. I'll send a link to Yann and hopefully he can loop in the correct folks to help reach resolution.


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Hi Scott,

you can add your own `RunConfigurationExtension` independently from java, for that you would have to implement and register your own `com.intellij.execution.configuration.RunConfigurationExtensionsManager`  with your own EP 


Hope it helps!


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Thanks, Anna. It turns out that I was able to remove the runConfigurationExtension implementation safely with no loss in functionality. That makes me a little uncomfortable because I don't like things that...just work...but in this case I think I'm good to go.


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