PHPstorm using @ for path declaration not working

Hello there,

i am trying to get my declarations to work using @
import Component from '@/components/test.vue';
But what i get ist Cannot find declaration.
The src folder is marked as Resource root.

I hope that this description is enough that someone can understand my problem.

Thanks in advance

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Make sure to specify path/to/node_modules/@vue/cli-service/webpack.config.js as a value of  Settings | Languages & Frameworks | JavaScript | Webpack, webpack configuration file and re-open the project


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I'm having the exact same issue, except that I am using Laravel mix, and I put my webpack.config.js file at the root of my project. The alias seemed to break when I restarted my machine this afternoon. I just updated to PHPStorm 2020.1 yesterday.


When I run npm run dev or watch, I get "Error: Cannot find module '@/components/Components'"


const path = require('path')
const webpack = require('webpack')

module.exports = {

resolve: {
extensions: ['.js', '.json', '.vue'],
alias: {
'@': path.resolve(__dirname, './resources/assets/js')


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as the error occurs when building your application, it doesn't seem to have anything to do with the IDE. Something is wrong with your project setup

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Of course you're correct. My mistake -- I should have realized that before commenting. I ran ran npm install again, and now it works fine. 

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same problem here on a vue-cli project

there is no webpack config by default, so i tried the solution given by Elena Pogorelova

but no success.


i tried on a nuxt project, and click navigation on paths with @ alias for vue components is working fine. so no idea what(s wrong on the vue-cli project.

i tried to copy the eslintrc config for paths, but still no success.



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