(SOLVED> PyCharm showing 'Missing access token' for GitHub repo everytime I start it


Hello I am comparatively new with PyCharm using community edition version 2019.3 on Linux OpenSuse 15.1.

Since yesterday, suddenly I found PyCharm can't push my code to GitHub repo.

Then found on File->Settings->GitHub, it is telling 'Missing access token' (I never this before).

But after I login with my GitHub credential, I could see my repo as below:

But when I click on the OK button to close the settings window, a popup dialogue appears asking for password to unlock:

I am not sure from where it has been evolved since yesterday. None of my computer's password or GitHub password or GitHub token is accepted.

If I close this dialogue, I found that the GitHub connection is still showing 'Missing access token'.

I don't know how to fix ?

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PyCharm saves all the secrets in system keychain by default. If keychain can't be reached for some reason, the Missing access token message will appear.

In this case, it appears that IDE cannot save entered token to keychain - password is required to access it. Without the password, token is not saved to the keychain and is lost when Settings are closed.

Usually, your user's password is required to unlock keychain, but it might be set up in a different way on your system.

As a workaround, you can configure PyCHarm to save secrets in KeePass. To do so, go to Settings | Appearance & Behavior | System Settings | Passwords.

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Hello Dmitriy Smirnov:

I have configured PyCHarm to save secrets in KeePass. It is working, no more issue. Thanks.


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