Use the old VCS local vs. remote commits display


In the latest EAP, the local and remote branches are separated, like this:



I liked the previous display better, because I could see how far ahead my local branch is, vs. the remote:

Now I don't.

And today I realized that I simply forgot to push a bunch of commits to the remote, because the remote branch was out of sight.

Is there a way to use the previous type of display for the Git log?

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There is no separation like this. And the previous display is still there.

In fact, selecting a branch in the list on the left just applies the branch filter, and it shows the tracked remote of the selected branch.

If you select the Local node, the Log view will be exactly the same as it used to be.

If you don't wat to use the list - you can hide it using the topmost control in the corresponding toolbar.


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