Optimize imports on the fly for all projects instead of for current project only


Is there a way to optimize imports on the fly for all projects, rather than 'for current project'?


Optimize imports to be enabled when opening an existing project and/or when creating new projects.


Add unambiguous imports on the fly` is IDE-level settings. However, `Optimize imports on the fly` does not appear to be as the parenthesis state `for current project`. I've tested this by creating a new project and opening the settings. As expected, `Add unambiguous imports on the fly` is selected while `Optimize imports on the fly` is not selected.

The current IntelliJ documentation, Auto imports, does not provide a solution.


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As I can see, the suggestion was already posted on our bug tracker; https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/IDEA-237002 .


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