JavaFX SceneBuilder problems / 2019.3


Hi :)

a) When I use Scene Builder i can't delete something - I had to restart again to delete a control e.g.

b) Can't use css - styles following message appears but file is there

INFO: Could not find stylesheet: file:/C:/Users/JJ/IdeaProjects/KDB/out/production/viper.css


Help would be great 

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a) Is your computer freezing completely, when you attempt to delete control? There's a bug on this on our tracker: . If it's not your case, please provide relevant logs here or in the private support ticket (top right on the screen) as per .


b) Firstly make sure, that viper.css is at the same location, where Intellij tries to find it. Secondly, clean and rebuild the project (are you using Gradle or Maven)?

If nothing works, please create a support ticket with sample project or more precise steps to reproduce and logs.


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