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I have a version of my plugin targeting all builds in the 193 branch of the IntelliJ Community & Ultimate IDE. The plugin is built with 

intellij {
updateSinceUntilBuild false
plugins = ['java']
version = '2019.3'

in the build.gradle file. The plugin.xml has

<idea-version since-build="193" until-build="193.*"/>

to specify that the plugin can work with all builds within this branch.

Should my plugin be built with '2019.3', or '2019.3.4 (the latest build of the 193 branch)'? My plugin has been tested on all builds within the branch and it works either way, but I want to make sure I'm using the appropriate build version that will work the best with all builds in the branch.

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You should always use the exact version specified in since-build as target platform, so your current setup is correct. In the case of point releases (2019.3.x), no breaking changes are to be expected.

Please see on how to use Plugin Verifier to ensure binary compatibility with chosen version range.

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That clears that up, thanks Yann.


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