Mouses' right-click not working in Editor and Project's tree in 2020.1, via X2go or RDP

It works in other areas of the main window, like Database, or side/bottom tabs.

Also, works correctly localy or in previous version 2019.* (both local or remotely)


In the answer to my other post today, I fixed the problem: 

The solution is explained in and worked for me



I had the same issue but the link above has been helping me out. I am using Beyond Compare and had it setup as an External Tool long time ago, installing IntelliJ and copying over all previous settings added it int. Not having a context menu in the editor kept me from using the 2020.1 release as I am using it constantly. 

After I went to the settings and just renamed it External_Tool on the Group Name, restarted IntelliJ, the context menu was there.


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