Listen to Gradle build event


I want to run my plugin once the project (and all it's modules) are compiled. 

connection.subscribe(ProjectTaskListener.TOPIC, object : ProjectTaskListener {})

I used the above and it works when the "Make project" is invoked.

But a Gradle project can be built via the Gradle tool window. When I "build" via the Gradle tool window, the above subscription doesn't get invoked. Is there a way to listen to Gradle tasks? 

Note: I also tried

connection.subscribe(CompilerTopics.COMPILATION_STATUS, object: CompilationStatusListener{})

and it doesn't work as well.

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I'm also interested in listening for gradle build events... Can anyone point to right direction?

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I had some success by subscribing to the following topics:

this.messageBusConnection = project.getMessageBus().connect();
this.messageBusConnection.subscribe(ExecutionManager.EXECUTION_TOPIC, new GradleExecutionListener(this));
this.messageBusConnection.subscribe(ProjectTaskListener.TOPIC, new GradleExecutionListener(this));

and implementing

public class GradleExecutionListener implements ExecutionListener, ProjectTaskListener {

Not sure yet if this covers all aspects, but maybe you can use this as a starting point for some real work :)




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