How to get the schema name to prepend a table reference when dragging a table to the console?


I'm using DataGrip to connect to an Oracle database. I'm logging in with a schema (let's say 'X') that has access to other schemas ('Y' and 'Z').


When I drag a table from the Y or Z schema into the console, DataGrip only inserts the table name. I expect to see: 'Y.TABLE', but I only get 'TABLE'


Of course, when I right click on the table and choose 'Copy Reference' I get the right reference. But dragging and dropping should produce the same result, in my opinion.


I've searched through the Setting and the connection properties, but I haven't found any settings that impact this behavior. How can I get this to work?

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At the moment there is no way. I added your description to the corresponding issue


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