Indexing monorepos became really slow in WebStorm 2020.1



I'll start with saying I like the additions to WebStorm 2020.1, good job!

However in my case the indexing task became much slower. Now it takes over 10 minutes (less than 3 minutes on WebStorm 2019) to index a monorepo with 50 projects. The monorepo uses pnpm as the package manager (it links packages instead of copying). I cleared the cache fully after upgrading from WebStorm 2019.3.


I'd be grateful if you could take a look at it

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Prior to 2020.1, dependencies from pnpm workspaces were not indexed at all; this have been changed when fixing as a result, indexing takes more time now

Further improvements in pnpm support (, can be expected in 2020.1.1


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Elena Pogorelova Thanks for the quick answer, it's also nice to see pnpm modules being indexed. After one more day of using the IDE I must say it's unusable, I'm switching back to 2019.3. 

Force quitting the IDE when it freezes (which is a few times a day for me, happens on any WebStorm version so far) causes it to reindex everything, hence with the aforementioned index time of 10 minutes doing any work is impossible. 

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I don't have a project as complex as Jakub Kisielewski, but I have experienced the indexing problems too. 


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