Button layout exactly the wrong way round & a little question


Hi guys,

I am testing DataGrip for my company as we are considering switching to JetBrains products for everyone. We have versioned all our databases via Git, so we can merge our changes, identical to the source code, through the stages.
Therefore I'm looking at the creation of automated images of the database as files using the DDL feature. I'm about to write changes from a generated file back into the database.
I noticed that when comparing the database and the generated DDL file, the buttons "Merge from ... to ..." in the comparison window are exactly the wrong way round (at least that's what I and a colleague think).
The preview window shows the SQL code correctly, but the SQL generated by the buttons is exactly the wrong way round. On the pictures you can see my generated DDL file on the left and the database on the right. The column Test1234 is in the DDL file, but not in the database.
If this was really a bug, I would open a bug report.

And I have a little question: Is there any way to send the SQL statement directly from this window? Or does it always have to be copied and sent in a console?




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Since some people in our company have confirmed to me that they would expect the behavior differently, I have opened a bug report:



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