How to exclude certain dirs from being interpreted as CVS?

I have a multi-repo project. One of the repos is a "devops repo" which controls the deploys of all the other repos.

Until now, the deploy process was run in the server-side like in a non-dockerized server like this:

  • I had a "devops" repo cloned there.
  • There was a script in there which made a new tmp directory in the server.
  • It cloned about 10 repos inside the tmp dir, and performed the proper installation of the config files and run `composer install if needed.
  • It them symlinked the production dir to the installed dir.

This has been working for years. Now we are moving towards `docker`. To do so, we still have the "devops repo" which controll all the others.

The main difference is that now, the "build" process is done locally. As I have to send some "context" from the devops repo to the docker, what we do is to create a `.gitignore`d `repos` directory where we clone the "other repos".

While the `repos` dir is not committed, and also the `repos` dir has been marked as "excluded" from the PhpStorm, it happens that they are git clones of repositories and still contain the `.git` directory in it.

Then, PhpStorm says "13:50 VCS root configuration problems - The following directories are registered as VCS roots, but they are not: " and it lists those repos.

I want PhpStorm to understand that there are going to be `.git` directories inside the `repos` dir and I want it to "ignore any current or future project" that lives inside the `repos` dir.

How can I tell PhpStorm that?

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There's no way to do that on the per-project basis, but if you are okay with it being global, you can limit the VCS root scanning to the project root only with Help | Find Action | Registry | vcs.root.detector.folder.depth = 0.


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