No plugins updates available (but there are)


I updated to PHP Storm 2020.1 and I'm using material theme ui plugin. In my work computer I updated the plugin this morning to 5.2.2 (it fixed some minor issues with phpstorm 2020.1). Everything fine.

Now with my latptop, Im also in 2020.1 but I can't upgrade the plugin. Im using material theme ui 5.2.0. PhpStorm -> Check for updates -> No plugin updates available.

Im using Mac latest (10.15.4).

The only difference is I'm using toolbox on my laptop (not at work).



Do I get right that the plugin updates are not visible even in the Preferences | Plugins | Installed | Downloaded view?
I cannot find similar requests on the tracker. Any chance you could upload the IDE log (Help | Show Log in Finder) somewhere and share the link here?

If you don't want to expose anything, you can create a support ticket instead.


Hi Eugene Morozov

You were right, there weren't visible even in Preferences, Plugins.

I tried to reproduce it right now, but I got the update.

If I experience this again, will post it here.



Just to add - I seemingly had the identical issue today, after upgrading IntelliJ to version 2021.2.

Both my PHP and Python plugins were shown as being incompatible with the new IDE build, and when I went into Plugins -> Installed -> Plugin homepage, I could see that new versions were available. But when I went to Help -> Check for plugin updates, I got the message "No updates available".

I fixed it by uninstalling the two plugins and reinstalling them.


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