Version Control Tab is missing


I am using IntelliJ IDEA community 2020.1. I have cloned a repo from git. I am able to create a branch, take the pull and all basic git tasks. 

But, I do not see the version control tab in the tools window. Further, I do not see the "Version Control" option even in View Menu -> Tools Windows.

Did anyone face this issue? What can I do to resolve this?


Operation System: OSX 


wasted 4 hrs of my life bc of this tardation. do not disrupt our workflows for your silly politics!!!! this costs our companies money ill switch to a pos FREE editor like vscode or emacs rather than pay you and have your business cost me time and money!!! I had hoped you would have learned your lesson with that stupid indexing issue (that still exists) or the regex one (that still exist) and gave you another chance, fix your bugs we dont want new stupid features, or themes, or changing our workflows. How is it that a free editor is taking all your business, you dont listen to actual developers, prolly some college visual arts major this junk uses up gigs upon gigs of ram, and gets more and more irrelevant by the minute. Leave my ide alone, no one asked you to change my dev environment just fix your bugs, maybe even release a light version without all the bloat, 80% features are prolly not used.


Seeing as there's nothing but flak being spread here, I just wanted to say I like the new feature and say thanks, team, for giving an alternative (again, the old way is still there if people need it; stop downvoting every time someone says this, you don't have to use this feature).

I'm a long(ish) time user and wanted this new functionality but didn't realise it existed because I never do fresh installs. Did a google search, found this, and yes - it's a bit counter-intuitive at first - but now that I'm used to it my commit workflow is far more productive, especially with massive partial commit refactors.

Thank you for this feature.


The old "Version Control" tool had very nice default behaviour: there was a menu option "Commit file"/"Commit Directory" that did exactly what was expected: it selected the current file and allowed a user to change the selection before executing the commit. New "Git" tool by default selects every changed file from every repository from the project scope. In both "Modal" and "Modeless" modes. Is it possible to get the old behaviour back? Not every project is faux-monorepo. 

I am a long-time user of Idea Ultimate and this is my 2nd reason to walk away from JetBrains tools. 


I solved the problem by removing all configuration/cache/config files and reinstalling PyCharm

Then, Git appeared again


2 issues with the new commit tab. You are currently unable to dock the diff to the right off the file selector like previous version control or current git tool windows. It was nice to previously be able to quickly arrow down across files to spot check before committing a bunch of small changes.  It's more cumbersome to have to open each file individually.

The behavior also is very confusing because the action icons above the check boxes don't apply to checked boxes but instead apply to rows that are highlighted which could inadvertently lead to improper rollbacks and such. In the example in the screenshot, I would expect hitting the rollback button would rollback the 2 checked off files but in reality it would rollback the first unselected row because that is where the cursor is.  Having 2 different ways to select multiple rows in the same tree seems counterintuitive.


ive been telling all my developers to uncheck this "new" setting as the workflow suffers.


Yaroslav Bedrov

Hello! As you can see, many of users are disappointed with this new option enabled by default, may we ask you (I mean someone who is responsible for such requests) to disable it as default, or create a survey where users can vote.

Thank you and take care of yourself!


Hello Vadim,

Am I got it right, that we are talking about modal commit window that was added in 2020?


Not sure I remember when it was added. Option is called "Use non-modal commit interface"


Yaroslav Bedrov I think some users are showing up here because either they can't find that non-modal option, or they have tried it and it is not working correctly. Even with the latest IDEs, some of my devs see a Git tab with the beloved older style "Local Changes Shelf Log" tabs in the tool window while others see the new finicky separate Git and Commit tool windows, with "Changes" only appearing when comparing branches.

Yes, they have "use non-modal commit interface" checked and "open diff as editor tab" unchecked, and across various jetbrains IDEs its a bastardized mess of git / commit / changes tabs sometimes appearing floating sometimes appearing in editor tabs. 

I've read the tickets like above claiming "jetbrains users prefer the new UX", but logically I don't see how to arrive at that conclusion when users can't reliably configure it one way or the other.

For others, to fully get it to change:
1. Quit your IDE, google "jetbrains help full uninstall <your ide>" 

2. remove the preferences / caches or whatever on that page

3. restart

4. Either import your settings from a working IDE or try configuring it again




Joshh is not about finding modal/non-modal option. In my case I've got used to old Local changes tab that was displayed at the bottom of the application, and this tab has gone without any message. I've checked latest changes and there's nothing

Ruslan Kuleshov

It's not only about modal/not-modal window, just the whole tab Local changes has gone, I've been using it for reviewing my changes during the day without an intention to commit. The current commit dialog is not convenient unless you have ultrawide monitor and you don't divide the screen. I need / like to see files pathnames/location thus I need to resize the window to make it wider but the the file comparison window is a way so small to does its job. Here you have an example published on your yt channel:

There's a reason why the commit windows take like 1/3 size of the screen for most of the time. And in my case I'm working on 20-30 files, I don't see them without extra action and when switch to Project view and I need to resize it again

Not sure how you know it's a better solution cause many developers didn't install idea from scratch for years and are not aware there were some changes here.



Arek R.

I am not sure that I completely following you.

Local Changes are not gone, they have moved to "Commit" toolwindow.
You can restore old view by disabling "Use non-modal commit interface"
What is use case of pathnames/locations? Wouldn't grouping by Module help?


What I hate about the non-modal version is that it opens tons of new tabs when I review the code. Also double clicking on the files to preview the changes is terrible experience. Can you make it work with single-click and one tab? 


@Tomasz Wilczynski You only need to double click the first file, to activate the previewer. After that the rest of the files can be single clicked to preview.


Tomasz Wilczynski i agree whole heartedly and i dont know if the devs fully understand what we were looking for. however i did manage to get what i remembered to be what local changes looked like.  You have to unselect the Use non modal interface thing mentioned before but you also have to restart your IDE and then go to the Git tab and not version control or local changes tab.  Now I have to find out how to return it to PyCharm


This is a UX issue: After a fresh install I lost the git console to review local changes.

This is a bug: Clicking "Git > Uncommitted Changes > Show Shelf" doesn't do anything when "Use non-modal commit interface" is enabled.


Maarten Segers

could you please clarify what version are you running?


Ruslan Kuleshov, the latest (2022.1.3).

"Show shelf" will open the "Git Log" dialog when "Use non-modal commit interface" is enabled.


Same issues for me. In my opinion new changes should be reverted. Not satisfied with the UX.

Will try to switch to 2019 version.


I just installed IntelliJ on a new machine for the first time in ages and spend way too long trying to work out what happened to my beloved "Version Control" tab.

Why on earth was this changed? It was one of the most useful things in IntelliJ. I can't imagine what sort of workflow this new thing is meant to support, but it's not a typical developer workflow where I need to regularly keep track of what I have and haven't committed, for which the old version control tab was the best git tool that I've seen.

And hiding the option to revert it behind the obscure "Use non-modal commit dialog" option is baffling.

This reminds me of Microsoft removing the Start menu in Windows 8. Please don't make big UX changes like this without actually consulting your users.


Sorry to pile on here--and just for context, I absolutely hate this UI change. I thought at first it was just a poorly implemented change that was released too early and would maybe be refined over time. But, no, it's pretty much the same. One thing I honestly have no clue what is supposed to mean: If I right-click a changed file in the Commit pane and select "Show Diff", I get a new editor tab labeled "Commit:". If I right-click and select "Show Diff In a New Tab" I get a new editor tab labeled "". If I click it again, I get a second one. If I click it a third time, I get a third one. If I click it a fourth fourth one. Like, what even is going on? 


Ian Coleman


This behavior is present in the old ui too. Basically, the only difference is the "Commit" in the tab name. (I agree this should be sorted) but overall should not be confusing as it's showing the same file and diff. If I misunderstood you, please feel free to share screencast. 



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