Converting from PostGres connection to Redshift


So I had previously connected to my Redshift DB using the PostGres connection in an old version of DataGrip. I recently upgraded to the new version, and noticed that there's a Redshift connection. Is there a quick way to shift my connection and all associated consoles and scratches over to the Redshift? Is there much to gain from the Redshift specific connection?

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Hello, you need to open properties for each Data Source and click link Driver: PostgreSQL and select there Amazon Redshift. Then please change begging of the connection URL from jdbc:postgresql:  to jdbc:redshift:

Or you can create all new connections of Redshift type.

And anyway in all scratch files you will need to change language to Amazon Redshift (right-click on file and select "change language"). All consoles can be moved from current folders to newly created via Files tool window.

Amazon recommends to move to it's dedicated driver from PG, so I guess you can find something about difference in these docs, please read it.


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