Latest update changed font and styling


No idea how but the latest update has changed the font, which I can't get back for some reason, and the styling was reset. Anybody else experienced the same?

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DataGrip 2020.1 has a new font by default. It is called JetBrains Mono.

Before it was:

- `Menlo` or `Monospaced` on macOS.
- `Courier` or `Consolas` on Windows.
- `DeJavu` on Linux.

Try them if you don't like `JetBrains Mono`.


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Yes, I have also updated but i dont want that, how can i get the last format file font?

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Thanks Maxim, I'll have a look. It's not about not liking the new one. It's just font is something you really get used to and changing it has a big impact on how we perceive our code.

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Try giving yourself a couple of days to get used to it :)


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