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I'm building a plugin for PyCharm. In general my plugin contains a ToolWindow. The ToolWindow contains JFXPanel which contains javafx.scene.web.WebView that load its content from file.

The problem I'm facing is that the JavaFX WebView behave different in different java runtime versions.

When I'm running Javafx over IDEA with runtime of JAVA 8 it works perfectly fine, but when I'm running it over a runtime of Java 1, it has some problems.

Any ideas of how to overcome this issue?

my thoughts , although I'm not sure if some of them can be implemented:

- Set the plugin runtime to java 8 (despite of the IDEA it runs on)

- Use JAVA 8 javaFX (currently I'm using the standalone JavaFX 11)


Thanks in advance,


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You need to be more specific - what issues are you referring to?

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I'm not really sure it is matter because as I see it the issues related to the JavaFX version.

Anyway a bit background, as I said I'm using WebEngine, the content that I'm loading to it is SVG.

SVG has <path> element.

While hovering the <path> element + java runtime is 11 the hover action is not triggered, however if the runtime is 8 (means different JavaFX) the hovering action was triggered.

let me know if you need more information 



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