Quick Documentation on php functions does not show PHPDoc

I have two separate projects and when I use Ctrl-Q to get the Quick Documentation of a standard PHP function on the first project I get:

whereas on the second I get:

plus the reference of the source script where I pressed Ctrl-Q and a link to the line itself.

In the second project there is a second set of Jetbrain's PHPDoc definitions installed by composer under vendor (because we use phpstan).

Is there a setting I missed that controls where Phpstor is getting those PHPDocs from ?

Or... is there any way for me to fix this ?



Does the excluding phpstan.phar with "Right-Click > Exclude phar from the project" help? Could you please try it?


I am sorry for the delay in answering.

Yes, excluding the .phar's reduces the problem, but there's still a test loaded by composer as a dependency of php_codesniffer, that redefines a few basic functions.

I tried to exclude the php_codesniffer directory, but Quick Documentation is still using the (non-existent) PHPDoc.

Is there any other way to prevent this ?



Never mind. I've found it.

I marked the specific file as "Plain Text" from the context menu and Quick Documentation works again.

Thanks for your help


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