DataGrip + AWS DocumentDB - How To?


How do you connect DataGrip to a AWS DocumentDB (mongoDB)? Using the MongoDB driver I'm able to specify the connection and the test connect is successful but when DataGrip tries to load the schema I'm getting a `Null Pointer Exception`.

Since DocumentDB uses the older API of MongoDB I'm assuming there's some parameter or something to tell DataGrip how to connect to it?

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I am seeing exactly the same behavior.

A console connection with mongo, as explained in the AWS documentation, works fine:

`mongo --ssl --host --sslCAFile rds-combined-ca-bundle.pem --username root --password <insertYourPassword>`

On Pycharm 2020.1, by using the same certificate in the `CA File` of the SSH/SSL tab, with the `Use SSL` checkbox cheked, and after a while, I get the Null Pointer exception


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