Is there a way to NOT automatically set "Build" before run in a custom run configuration ?

I've created a custom run configuration that doesn't require "Build" before run task as it's going to use only the JARs and none of the source code. Is it possible to configure to skip for this custom run configuration ?


By configure you mean to create custom RunConfiguration implementation or disable such Before launch item in IDE settings?


Sorry for being unclear. I meant that I have created a custom RunConfiguration implementation already say MyRunConfiguration. So when a user adds new configuration of type MyRunConfiguration, the Build before launch item gets added automatically. I don't want the Build before launch item to be added automatically on my MyRunConfiguration configuration


Hello! I am interested in this permanent setting too! Unfortunately, the build performed by IntelliJ for some reason leave some file of the project, out of the produced jar and this is leading to an error.


Just select the parent folder and press the edit template button: 

after that just remove what you don't want from the Before run list:

Modifying the template should fix your problem.


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