Configuring maven project with Myfaces 1.0 library


Hello everyone.

We are thinking about migrating from Eclipse. We have to maintain older projects too. There are project containing JSF pages with Myfaces, Tomahawk and custom components. 

Now we are migrating to Maven system too. So we have these projects in Maven structure and wanna try it in Idea. We install Idea Ultimate. Build projects is OK and we are able to run them on Tomcat from Idea. So technically is everything OK.


When I open JSF page there is no completion support. Is that standard? I believe not. We try some tutorials but without success. We didn't find any working example helping us. In Eclipse when jars are in classpath then editor knows them.

We spend hours with that. So thanks for any information about that problem. 

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Thanks for that info. But I have trouble with that tutorial. When I try do it then I get into dialog. Add JSF Support. I have to notice that module works with JSF on Tomcat. In the dialog is chosed option Use library and in text field is Maven: ....myfaces ...1.1. So when I click OK button I get dialog: Library Already exist .There are 2 JSF libraries. Do you want replace them and options Replace Add Cancel. What can I do with that? 


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Have you tried invoking "Replace"?


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