Highlight the active pane?

When using split panes, is there any way to highlight the active pane where the cursor is? (Or blur the inactive one)
I find myself sometimes typing in the wrong pane because it's not immediately clear which one is active.
I have tab highlight, but that highlight the active tab for each pane.

Any plugins for this?

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Unfortunately, no, neither you can configure it in the IDE nor there is a plugin. Please vote: https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/IDEA-102931

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Frank Slegers, if you mean highlighting of non-hidden Editor tabs, they are underlined with different colors depending on what tab is currently active. E.g. for IntelliJ Light theme the active tab is by default underlined with blue and the inactive one with dark-grey.

If these colors are hard to distinguish, you can adjust them in File | Settings | Editor | Color Scheme | General as follows:

1. Press the gear icon near the themes dropdown, choose Duplicate... The %Theme_Name copy% will appear in the list.

2. Find Editor > Tabs in the pane below. Check the Background property on the right and choose color for Selected tab, Selected tab inactive. Underline / Underline inactive can be changed the same way.

3. After pressing OK you should see the new tabs highlighting.


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