Syntax Highlighting for Custom Filetype conflicts with Textmate bundle


We have a custom internal language and have run into the following problem:

  1. We import a Textmate bundle that gives syntax highlighting for the language.
  2. We register the language as a custom FileType so that we can trigger a FileWatcher based on this new file type.
  3. The syntax highlighting added in #1 stops working. I assume this is because the default syntax highlighting for a new FileType overrides the custom syntax highlighting I added.

I looked for a while, and could see no way to fix this issue. Is there a way to disable the default syntax highlighting for a custom FileType so that our Textmate highlighting works? Or, alternatively, is there a way to register a FileWatcher for a particular file extension without declaring a custom FileType for that extension?

This problem seems like a design flaw, where two features (Custom FileType and Custom Syntax Highlighting) conflict with one another in an unexpected way.


Hi Andyk,

I cannot reproduce it so far. I've installed a custom textmate bundle for haskell (this also adds custom FileType) and configured a file watcher for this fileType - it works as expected. Do you create an extra fileType in addition to one added by the textmate bundle?


The TextMate bundle doesn't create a custom FileType (didn't know that was a possibility). So I'm just manually creating the custom FileType after installing the bundle.


Actually, here is the bundle for you to try, since it's an Open Source project: It's the textmate/OptGen.tmbundle directory at that link. It's meant to be used with .opt files, such as those in this directory:

Looking in the optgen.tmLanguage file, there is a section that declares the filetype, but I don't see Goland automatically creating a custom FileType when importing the bundle:


Sorry, I confused myself: haskell fileType wasn't added by textmate bundle, it is bundled in the IDE. So installing textmate plugin doesn't really add a fileType. I found an issue about missing ability to associate textmate bundle with a file type:  The only workaround I can see at the moment is to specify 'File Type = Files Supported via Textmate Bundles' in the File Watcher settings. This will invoke the file watcher for all supported types, then you can add a logic to a file watcher based on file extension.


OK, that workaround seems to work well enough. Another workaround I found was to create a scope similar to `file[cockroach]:pkg/sql/opt//*.opt`(i.e. all .opt files in the project). Thanks for the help.


I am faced with the same problem: highlighting imported by TextMate Bundle doesn't work for registered custom language type.

the issue can be solved by extending the `editorHighlighterProvider` to set TextMate Bundle's Highlighter as its syntax highlighter explicitly. 




The two implementation classes are not available by default, is there a dependency to pull in ? I cannot find it on google :(


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