V 2020.1 debug not working!

Very simple module:

x = 1
y = 2
print(x + y)

Set breakpoint on line 1 (x = 1)

Debug routine by right clicking on routine and selecting "Debug.."

The debugger does not break at line one.  Just continues to run.

Again this is about as basic as it gets.  Not referencing any other libraries.  Using Python 3.6 with Pycharm created virtual environment created from the Python 3.6 install at ...appdata/....  Fairly new Community Edition install.

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Please specify your OS.

Is it reproducible in a brand new project?

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Thanks for responding.

Windows 10 Enterprise latest updates

Created a brand new project at PyCharm setup and let PyCharm create the its virtualenv using the .../appdata/... for Python 3.6.  Created new python file.  Keyed in the code.  Set breakpoint on line 1.  Ran debugger.  

Same results.  Debugger run did not stop @ breakpoint.

And thanks for looking into this.

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The forum doesn't allow attachments so I filed an issue to YouTrack https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/PY-42330
Could you add PYCHARM_DEBUG=True environment variable to your run configuration, reproduce the problem and attach the output to that ticket along with your idea.log file from Help | Show Log in...?

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Similar issue here, the breakpoint work, but when app crash I get no stack crash or anything to follow up on crash.

Latest pycharm, py 3.8.xx win10x64


Ok Ignore it all above. I had exceptions muted in debugger settings. No idea why. Now all works. Maybe OP has the same issue?


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I have this problem too. It's not muted exceptions.


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