RDS Unable to find host/port in URL.


Cannot SSH Tunnel into my RDS instance from Goland


this is the template:

jdbc:postgresql://<rds hostname> :5432/<database name>


- I have tick and configured my SSH with Keypair and tested the connection

- left local port to emtpy (or 5432, makes no difference)

- After this option is setup I get this error "Unable to find host/port in URL"
and there is a red squiggly line next to the column (:)

- I can successfully connect via psql without any problem


ugh, turns out that there was a white space in between the host name and the port. Apparently there is a bug when I double click from a web-page, it adds a white space in Goland, this does not happens with other editors



I cannot reproduce that: double click doesn't add a whitespace to a lilne. Could you please describe the exact steps to make it happen?


- Just go to any webpage,

- Double click on the text portion you want to select

- Crtl+C

- Ctrl+V on Goland IDE (At least this happens consistently on the Database credentials area)

You will see it adds a white-space even though it was not selected


I've checked in both chrome and firefox: double-clicking on a word selects the word + a whitespace after that. When one paste it IDE pastes the whitespace as it was in the clipboard. If on the other hand I select the word with mouse and ensure whitespace is not selected, Ctrl+C it, then no whitespace is pasted as well. So maybe it is the behavior of the browser? You can check that by Ctrl+V the selection in some other program, possibly between some symbols, e.g. '<here>' to see the inserted whitespace.


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