2020.1 Maven Junit 5 Issues


I did not see another post addressing this specific issue. I did see a post and request for bringing back the "auto-import feature for maven". I wonder if that auto-import is somehow what is allowing this to work on the 2019.3.5 version of IDEA and with its removal has somehow caused an issue with the 2020.1 version.

I recently update to 2020.1 and began having issues with several projects needing to run unit tests. In the 2020.1 version of IDEA, JUnit 5 cannot build or run. The error of "java package org.junit.jupiter.api does not exist" appears. This happens even after doing the "Ctrl+Shift+O" in the pom file to get the dependencies imported.

I reverted back to the 2019.3.5 version and the problem disappears. The unit files run as expected on all projects. I made a brand new project in the 2020.1 version to see if maybe it was an issue with "pre-existing files", however, the error still occurred in this newly created file. I opened that same file in the 2019.3.5 version and the file ran as expected. The pom files being run are the same in both versions. As the picture below shows the JUnit 5 test file runs as expected in 2019.3.5 which needed to select the "Enable Auto Import" option when the file was first opened but does not run in the 2020.1 version, which the file was created in. Reimporting the maven project in the 2020.1 version did not fix the problem either as this is a run after reimport happened.



Try if this solution helps: https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/IDEA-237320#focus=streamItem-27-4081510.0-0

If it does not, please report the issue on YouTrack attaching logs folder compressed. 

Thank you. 


The directions in that post to delete the disabled_plugins.txt worked.  Hopefully a future version of 2020.X will avoid having to do this fix.  Thank you.


Have you tried to invalidate caches and restart? For me, this actually helped when upgrading a project to the new release.


And no, auto import on maven projects is a big pain in the *** and should be avoided at all cost.


Yes, that was one of the steps I tried. I even got to the point where I thought the install was just screwed so I went and did an install of 2020.1 on a different machine that never had IntelliJ before but it had the same problem. The only thing that corrected the issue for me on those two machines was following the recommendation above about deleting that .txt file.

I have seen other people say the same thing about avoiding auto-import because of problems it caused for them but a similar amount of people have stated they have never experienced any of the issues that were in the blog post discussing the various changes in the 2020 version, which including removing the auto-import option. From my personal experience over the past couple of years clicking that "enable auto import" when the box popped up when launching a maven project, I never had any issues. However, it makes sense based on the description of the problems the auto-import was causing to remove it. End of the day here I'm glad this deleting "disabled_plugins" worked solving the issue.


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