Markdown plugin not working: Getting "Try to use preview panel provider (JavaFX WebView), but it is unavailable." error dialog when trying to access


Using intellij-idea-community-edition (2:v2020.1.1-1) under Arch Linux.  Already installed java8-openjfx, java11-openjfx, jdk8-openjdk and jdk11-openjdk. Not sure why the plugin is not working.


Make sure IntelliJ IDEA is running on the bundled JetBrains Runtime: .

If the issue persists, please share the logs: You can upload the files at and specify the file name here.


Yes, found a version that had the bundled jre and now the Markdown plugin works.

Thank you Serge.


How can the Markdown preview run on the system's jre? I don't want to re-install the IDEA.

By the way,  does the version that had the bundled jre refer to `archlinuxcn/intellij-idea-ultimate-edition-jre` under Arch Linux?

Looking forward to your help.


We recommend the official installation from which includes the bundled runtime. We don't know how your Linux distribution specific package is made.


Serge Baranov I don't want to use the bundled jre becasue the dialog and editor fonts are not rendered fine under Ubuntu. That's why I use the oracle jre 11.0.12 with the latest Idea 2021.2.3. Is there any way to get the markdown preview working with it?


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