Not seeing how to manually activate "Show value tooltip" in update 2020.1.1

Not sure how to make these manually pop-up:

I can't find the setting because I don't know what it's called, I'm not finding it in settings that include the word "hover" or "pop-up" (popup? that's not a common spelling), though I found something that looks like it from the word "show" (after clicking through dozens of results:

However, unchecking that doesn't seem to stop the pop-up...

I like the tooltip, but I don't want it activating on hover, I want to press a key while hovering to get it to show, like key Cmd or Ctrl or Option or Alt etc...

It's also very irritating that the settings don't seem to name things consistently, and I'm having to trial-and-error guess at what features are called even if they behave similarly.

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Please try disabling the "Editor | Code Editing > Show quick documentation on mouse move" checkbox. Does it help?

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OK Thanks, that has disabled the auto-pop-up... really confused on how this has been named and why there isn't a delay setting for milliseconds like other hover pop-ups. JetBrains editors can be really confusing on pop-ups unlike other editors like Eclipse or VS Code.

I did find how to manually activate it in Keymap > Main Menu > View > Quick Documentation, but it won't activate while hovering, only after clicking to put my cursor on the text.

Holding Cmd while hovering shows a different pop-up, just a quick definition (like function param names), which is nice, but I'm not seeing how to attach a hold button to a hover event.

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Can someone address the issues I have above?

Also, I'm in a new project and this happened while typing:

I'm sorry that I don't remember where to make this pop-up manually activated only... I think it's on one of my old posts and previous projects, but I need to configure it for the whole editor even if there's no manual way to activate the pop-up (hopefully with some indicator somewhere that a manual activation can be done) and I have to disable the pop-up completely to keep it from automatically obscuring things with info I already know or don't need to.

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But in fact, the popup from your screenshot is the "Quick documentation" popup, isn't?

There are two ways to see it:

- Enable the "Show quick documentation on mouse move" and hover a cursor over it. The option is applied to the whole IDE, so it should affect all projects at once.

- Put a caret (!) somewhere on the object (i.e. die() ) and press "Ctrl+Q (for Windows/Linux) / CMDJ+ or Mid. button click (on macOS)"


As for the "CMD+Hover" tooltip, it is a different feature called "Brief info" and it is not the same as "Quick Documentation".

I understand that a number of different popups/tooltips could be confusing but I hope it makes things a little bit clearer.


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