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So yet again.
Le me having code review, so get into the old project that I had open a few hours ago. Le project is slow with a lot of red words and classes, ram memory was the issue, I opened too many projects at once.

We talked about intellij and the suit in general... while intellij was crashing.

Le me force/shut intellij with Task Manager.

Le me restart intellij to have again a lot red words and classes.

Le code review ends.

The funny part is that when they asked me if the company paid for intellij, I told them that I was paying it, with irony and shame.

The solution now I know is File / invalidate caches/restart.


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So, did Invalidate Caches fix the issue?

As for the "crashing" problem? What exactly do you mean? Does it hang or terminate without errors?

If the former, please share the thread dumps: You can use for uploads.

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It got very slow, but it didn't crashed completely, and yes, restart invalidate cache did fix the issue, but it should be an automatic thing on the next load or an alert about the unexpected closing of the process, mentioning the advice to invalidate the cache.

It is like showing my new Ferrari while it start making weird noises. I had another issue, now with TFS, I worry about future projects whenever these incidents happen.

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If it happens again, please contact support ( with the logs attached ( When IDE is slow, refer to

Please note that TFS is now a third-party plug-in supported directly by Microsoft: .


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