My .env values are not being updated consistently -- caching or not writing by WebStorm?

This is a long shot -- and to be clear, I don't think WebStorm is at fault here -- but I've been having problems where changes in my .env variables are not being reflected in run-time, that is, if I change a value in my .env file, the old value persists at run-time (after re-starting the app).  Full details are here --

Someone suggested that perhaps there might be some issue with WebStorm not writing the files correctly or consistently -- that is, that in some way it was caching them, that is, that 'smart save' or something like that might not be writing the file all the time.   I thought I'd ask here if in any way WebStorm might be involved in the issue. 

I'm running WS 2020.1, on MacOS 10.14, with Node 12.14.0


The IDE is not caching the .env files for sure. But if your environment (bundlers/transpilers/etc, any code that is watching your files for changes) has problems dealing with the safe write (when files are saved to a temporary location first before the originals are overwritten), you might need to disable this feature in IDE settings, Settings > Appearance & Behavior > System Settings > Use "safe write" (save changes to a temporary file first)


It would seem it's probably (although not definitely) something to do with KeystoneJS -- I can't get a final answer....



I also seem to struggle with a similar issue as desciobed in the initial post.

Now I wonder about the "latest labelling" / name of what has been mentioned by Elena Pogorelova

I can find "Settings > Appearance & Behavior > System Settings >" ... but the "Use "safe write" (save changes to a temporary file first)" - I'm not sure which option that would be.

I use IntelliJ IDEA 2022.2.2 (Ultimate Edition), Build #IU-222.4167.29, built on September 13, 2022


The option is now called Back up files before saving, see Help, Autosave


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