Version control local changes tab missing in 2020.1


I recently formatted my computer and installed a fresh Ubuntu 20.04, then used snapcraft to install CLion 2020.1. I am unable to find the local changes tab in the Git view. I've searched everywhere in the Git tab, and the View -> Tool Windows. The Search Everywhere feature has a "Local Changes" but it's really just the commit window. Has the original Local Changes been removed from the Git tab?


Also, I've validated that CLion is pointing to the git application (/usr/bin/git), and tests successfully.



Chiming in that the old behavior is much much better.  With the original behavior I can easily see the diff for all changed files w/o any extra effort.  With the new behavior it is really annoying to see what has actually changed, you need to double click on every individual file and then it covers up the code editor windows (rather than displaying in the separate panel)!  Maybe someone likes the new behavior, I don't really care if this is in the commit tab or not, but PLEASE do not remove this from the VCS tab with the old perfectly working behavior.  It's my go-to workflow for looking at all changes in a commit before I make a commit via git cli.


Hello! It's was much more convenient with that changes tab. If you are able to revert it back - please. As people say - it was perfect :)


I also wanted to find that local changes tab, because there was a reference to it somewhere in the manuals.

As I got it, now you can check and revert all uncommited changes here.

So, can't see any problem


It's 2023 outside and after today's update, local changes suddenly disappeared. Thanks to this thread was able to get it back. Thanks for posting the answer

Just hope the will not remove it in future


Is the “Use non-modal commit interface” still working in 2023.3.1?

I just updated and it seems that the Local changes tab is gone again. (Or is there some other problem with my Git repositories?)


I was updated to version 2023.3.2 by snap and now I cannot find the Local changes tab anymore, what is wrong with these people 


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