Version control local changes tab missing in 2020.1


I recently formatted my computer and installed a fresh Ubuntu 20.04, then used snapcraft to install CLion 2020.1. I am unable to find the local changes tab in the Git view. I've searched everywhere in the Git tab, and the View -> Tool Windows. The Search Everywhere feature has a "Local Changes" but it's really just the commit window. Has the original Local Changes been removed from the Git tab?


Also, I've validated that CLion is pointing to the git application (/usr/bin/git), and tests successfully.


Official comment


Local Changes and Shelf have been moved to a separate Commit tool window on the left.

See and

Brecord2 The old behavior and layout can be restored by unsetting this flag:


I don't like this new commit workflow at all. The LocalChanges tab is one of my most used tabs. I go there to take quick look at the changed files and to look at the diff without having to open another window on top.


Yap, I also hate the new flow 


Really bad change, this is my main window to see all the changes in the project, diff, and commit. Thanks to the ones at JB who left this option to go back to the previous flow. 


Don't worry Fg 1. You can change this in your Settings -> Version Control -> Commit  -> Use non-modal commit interface.


I have to agree this is not a change for the better. Having ALL my Version Control information in one location is a much better experience than having it spread across multiple panes. I'm thankful they included the option to reverse the change.


1. This change is HORRIBLE and makes little intuitive sense.
2. Why would you change a well known UX concept that your users use HUNDREDS of times a day without thought and opt people in by default? 


Like everyone else, I strongly prefer the previous layout.
Thank you for the fix Olkuznsmith and Martin Cernik


With changes like these you make people go away from your IDE. Nearly every update has some change that needs researching where something has gone/why it is not working anymore etc.

Why would some reasonable guy/girl/whatever come to the conclusion to put something that has to do with versioning control NOT in the versioning control view but somewhere completely different?


Don't like the change at all. I am happy that there is the possibility to go to previous layout. I vote to leave this possibility also for the future.


Same here, worst part is that local changes doesn't have a key shortcut and I always have make it visibile using CMD+A, 

I can see why having a non modal interface is nice, but why not having it as a part of the VCS pane?


Didn't like the new change at all where I couldn't see my Local Changes. Its so non user friendly. Luckily there was an option to go back. We are all up for the better changes but not like these ones. 


+1  - I really dislike this change. The local changes window is one of the features I point to when I try to convince people to use the Intelli-J editors.

Please bring the local changes window back!


Lost half an hour because of this stupid change, can you be  more careull next time.


This is one of the most useful tab on jetbrains suit, i was close to download the competition, thanks to the person that leave the setting preference 


I agree with you guys. 'Local changes' is the most useful tab. Today I couldn't find it, so I'm here.


I agree with everybody here who liked the previous default view. I saw nothing wrong it. Please, Jetbrains, do not remove this old view.

I'm happy I can change my setting to get it back but I hope this is not being phased out.



I thought I was losing my mind  

Losing My Local Changes and Shelf views  ... those were the most important views tat existed. 

Can we go back to the last version and re-think this ?    Productivity has gone to Zero. 

Sure seems like "Change for Change Sake" to me.    I was delighted with the previous version.  Please put it back!!!



I'd just like to chime in as say that I prefer the old experience and having it be an opt out change wasn't a good call.

Thanks for the option to use the old experience but a in-app callout/notification/help text would have been nice.


JetBrains, everybody can make mistakes, but please learn from your mistakes!
I cannot bear it that the world's greatest IDE-maker is crippling their IDEs with such a stupid UI-change!
So please go back to the old Git such that local changes are immediately visible in the Git-tab.


In case there was any need. I hate it as well. Please stop breaking with things that work well and nobody complained about, will you?

I don't use Git from the IDE much, because that is not what the IDE is for. One window for Git changes is enough.


If it's not clear already, I will add my two cents. The removal of that tab and the drastic change to the established critical workflow was a horrible decision.


Daniel Lampard,

I definitely disliked Jetbrain's approach with this change but it can all be changed back to the original behavior with two settings changes (adding it here again although I'm sure it's been added).
Settings > Version Control > Commit >  Uncheck the "Use non-modal commit interface" option (this is where they at least provided BC but chose to enable the behavior by default which I disagreed with initially).
Open Registry by searching everywhere (type Shift+Shift) > type in "Registry" and open it > Search for the "" option and uncheck it. You can type the option to find it like in many Jetbrain's windows/menus. There may be other preview diff options to look at if you prefer.
Those two changes bring my IDEs version control behavior back to what has worked for me but trust me, this change bothered me too at first. I'm just happy to see that Jetbrains provided simple enough BC. I'm sure there are ways to identify where those settings are saved in your IDE or project settings and move them between IDEs or projects as needed to speed up the process.

Luca Molteni if you're looking for the new version of the tab, it's now the "commit" tab. You can see it on the first screenshot of this page, at the leftmost side of the IDE, together with "project" and "structure".

If you're looking for the old version, as others have said you can re-enable it using the settings.


I don't understand why did they have to remove it. I don't use either the new or old commit window, but used this to review PRs. Can't we have both?


@anulla the replacement is the "commit" tab, that is on the left next to where the project window tab is.

Tbh if it was placed at the bottom, and I would of noticed it I prob would be at least OKay with this new layout, but since I didn't see it at all I just thought it was removed and "panicked"

I've since gotten used to the new window, it feel it should be a sub window of the existing VCS tab otherwise it's basically two tabs for VCS since you need both views often


Same here, I like the previous version better.

Took me a while to identify this page.

Make the previous approach as the default one.



+1. Don't see the "improvement" on this change. Don't just change things like that guys. Had to come over here looking for a solution. Valuable time lost. 


Please put local change view back....


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